20 décembre 2004

Jalila,the Savior of City of All Faiths.

Les pays arabes se dotent de leurs propres superhéros pour contrer ceux des Américains. Evidemment, comme on pouvait s'en douter, il y a de la politique là-dessous, comme le montre le portrait d'une des superhéroïnes arabes, Jalila, qui ne semble pas porter de voile mais bien décidée à protéger la ville sainte de ses assaillants que vous reconnaîtrez sans peine.

Jalila is embed with powers that were acquired after she was exposed to the Dimondona blast when she was 16, and at the end of the 55-Year War. She was the only survivor in this blast, thanks to a radiation suit designed by her father. The suit was designed only to protect against radiation, and not a full nuclear explosion, so the effects on her were unexpected; she gained extraordinary super heroine powers. However, she became more vulnerable to x-rays.
She lost her parents in the blast, but her two brothers were spared, having been visiting relatives in another city. Her parents were both scientists and had spent their entire lives trying to devise a protective shield for the City of All Faiths, their home.Jalila vows to complete her parent's unfinished device as she uses her great powers to protect her city from destructive forces, such as the United Liberation Force and the Zios Army, who are still clinging to their extreme views, both wanting to solely control the City of All Faiths.

Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur le site de AK Comics. Moi, en attendant, je pars prendre quelques vacances.

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