23 juin 2004

Enfin un peu de reconnaissance

J'ai reçu ça au courrier aujourd'hui. J'en suis encore tout chamboulé et compte bien me faire anoblir un jour par cet éminent personnage.

Dear Mr Sil,

The President of the Rebuplic of Labanan, General Aka Sket congratulates you on
your initiative called "a slip in Labanan" .
Your web site is a living proof of the skills of foreign residents of Labanan ,
denying all misconceptions that labanese youth might have about their country.
His Excellency appreciates your efforts aiming at the promotion of the
Labananese culture abroad, and encourages you to keep up the good work.

Sincere lie,

Baron Sunnic of Thownbread

Minister of his interior

Merci Baron, quel bel homme !

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